Saturday, March 31, 2012

Product Review and Giveaway: Zin Frames

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a beautiful Zin Frame and just have to share with you all because they are AMAZING!  I got the "Amelie" in Apple Green and it is absolutely stunning!

Zin Frames was founded by Rosanne & Jan Korteland and although they are European, they say they feel pretty Canadian after having lived in BC since 2008. They run a successful photography studio on Vancouver Island and are always on the look out for unique products to offer their clients...Zin Frames was the result!

Their designer frames are custom made and they are available on their website and wholesale to photographers and other boutique business owners.  You can also find them on their Facebook page.  Zin is a Dutch word and stands for “meaning”. They believe their frames will make the photographs that are displayed in them even more meaningful than they already are....and I completely agree!  Why put a stunning photograph into a boring frame when you can make it an eye-catcher with a Zin frame?! 

Now for the fun part:  Rosanne & Jan are graciously giving away an 8x10 frame OF THE WINNERS awesome is that?  The winner gets to choose the style, the many possibilities!  Are you excited because I sure am!  Let's get the party started!

Congratulations to 806 Photography!  And thank you to all who participated!!!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Product Review and Giveaway: I Shoot!

Today's product review and giveaway comes courtesy of a snazzy company called "I Shoot".  They are located in Canada and carry an absolutely AWESOME line of apparel and accessories for photographers.  

 I recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of their "I Shoot People" shirts and have to say, I wear it all the time!  It's so comfy and goes with everything, and I just love the look on people's faces when they read it lol!

Wanna know more about them and how you can win a $25 gift certificate to shop at their website?  Here's a little bit of info from their site:

Who’s the stick person in the I Shoot designs? It’s me…and you! It’s “Shooter”.
Shooter represents pro and hobbyist photographers. I’ve been shooting for about 10 years and I wanted a shirt that represented me as a photographer. I wanted it to be a “fun” shirt because that’s what photography is to me – fun! But I also wanted to display my skills on the shirt with some key words like RAW. I designed the full body version of Shooter one evening, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted him/her to say. I had a number of ideas, but wasn’t sure how to incorporate them into the design. I played around with the design some more and came up with the half body Shooter with the words “I Shoot” linked, and a place to add additional descriptive words for various versions of the design.
I liked my design, so I started pricing around to get my custom shirt printed. I soon realized that it would cost just as much to print one shirt for myself as it would to print a dozen. I decided that if it was going to be so expensive to get just one custom shirt, I might as well get the dozen, right? But what was I gonna do with a dozen shirts (they all had to be the same to get the price break)? I asked my hubby if he thought other photographers would wear a shirt with my design on it. Being the supportive husband that he is he said “yes”. The wheels in my head started turning, and what started out as an idea for a personal custom t-shirt has become a line of apparel and accessories.
Within 3 months I had branded a line of I Shoot gear for photographers!

So, here are the 5 Ws:

Who?  I am Brandi Gosse, the mind behind the design. But the design represents YOU!
What? A brand of apparel and accessories for photographers. It’s an unspoken way to “connect” with other photographers.
When? I founded the I Shoot line in 2011 and launched the first items for sale in January 2012.
Where? I’m from NL, Canada. You can order items worldwide through this online store, and hopefully some items will be carried by camera/photography retail stores in the future.
Why? Because I love photography! And I want to share my skills by wearing the frills :)

 I'm SOOO excited and I bet you all are too so let's get all the details on how to enter out there and get this party started!


Just follow the steps below starting at 12:01am on 03/31/2012 to get your entries in, it's easy peasy!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

So What's New at Beautiful Photo Props?

So what's new?  WE are!  You may or may not have noticed but the website was down for a few days this week while we feverishly worked to make it pretty and viola!  We've got a shiny new website!

We would love to have you head on over to check it out and let us know what you think:  As you can see we've added a Current Promo/Weekly Special advertisement on the site....this is something new we would like to do each week and this week it will be our Cocoon can save $5 off each Cocoon Set just by using code 5OFFSETS during checkout!  This is a great time to stock up!

Spring is on the way and we sure have been enjoying the wonderful temperatures and watching the trees and flowers bloom :)  Missouri is so beautiful, especially here in the Ozarks and we are so blessed to be able to enjoy all four seasons!  My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall because there's so much color involved and I LOVE color!

Here's what we get in the Spring (and yellow and blue blooming trees as well!)

And here's what we get in the Fall...

Isn't that beautiful?  I just love it here!  Hmmm, that pink is the same color as a certain camera bag that we will be giving away in April.... *wink*  But you won't have to wait that long, we've got more great giveaways right around the corner!

Have a great week!
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