Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mini Giveaway: Crochet Baby Bowl Photography Prop

Congratulations to lucky entry #181, KayC!!

It's time for another freebie giveaway!  I couldn't help myself, I wanted to give away a boy or girl crochet baby bowl and all you have to do is leave one comment to enter!  Only one comment please, more than one comment per person is an instant disqualification.  

The giveaway ends Friday night at midnight CST so be sure to get your entries in ;)  Good luck!


Monday, September 17, 2012

And Our 20K Giveaway Winners Are....

What an exciting giveaway!  We had a total of 109,575 entries and as promised, there are 118 lucky winners chosen by through the Rafflecopter widget!  Are you ready to see who won?  Are you one of the lucky winners?  Let's take a peek (and good luck!)
Beautiful Photo Props Complete Photo Prop Package Value $250
Entry #9125 Breanne Hill-Wood

AE Photography - Lace Rompers - Value $100
Entry #76570 Jade Bradburn

AprilsYarnables - Mother Daughter Hat Set & $50 Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #74838 Ruth

Ashley's Posh Tots Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #83142 Lynsey Stephensen

Ava's Purple Paislee Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #96435 Kelly-Marie Venamore

Baby Bliss Photography Props Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #67071 ampy Galpin

Baby Joy Studios Gift package of two wraps and two headbands - Value $100
Entry #107244 Angela Kristoff

Bad Sass Backdrops Gift Certificate - Value $500
Entry #5304 Charlie Wilde

Barn Door Floors Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #13944 Nicole 'Harder' Glickman

Bean Bailey Photo Props Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #7177 Charlotte EEdwards Miles.

BellaMimiCouture Romper & Bloomer Collection - Value $100
Entry #38159 Thereasa Ŧ Gwinn

Blessed2009 Collection of Hats & Headbands - Value $105
Entry #78824 Tori Wright

Bows Or Knot Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #11646 Lerma Moore.

BuggyD Creations - 7 teddy bear beanies, monkey beanies & handspun merino wool headbands - Value $115
Entry #81194 Melissa Michelle Griffith.

Bumble Bee-Knees Photographer's dream gift pack - Value $100
Entry #68625 Misty Jones.

Busy Mommy of 5 Shop Certificate - Value $100
Entry #68489 Andrea Rigsby Groves.

Castaway Collection Surprise Gift Basket - Value $100
Entry #36887 Kelly Warstler.

Celeste and Company Boy & Girl Collection - Value $100
Entry #66178 Candace Paquin.

Chalooby Baby Boutique Hat Collection (4) - Value $100
Entry #64965 Meranda Olson.

Christina Houser Photography Hats & Headbands Collection - Value $125
Entry #7024 Bobbi-Alan Van Reet.

DTP Actions Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #95907 Tony Nickell.

Darn Fanciful Shop Credit - Value $125
Entry #6547 Heather Brooks Ray.

Deerie Handmade - 3 Newborn Hat & 3 Stretch Wraps - Value $100
Entry #5549 michelle Snyder.

Elm Crochet Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #24640 Rachel Farner.

Emily Joy Creations Twin Blankets & Hats Collection - Value $106
Entry #55882 Lauren Cruz.

FAAS Design Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #90562 Jennifer Moore Endicott.

Fink Handmades Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #61585 Tricia Gillard.

Fototale Designs Gift Certificate - Value $100 
Entry #37587 Donna Allen.

Glitzy Things Virtual Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #14730 Rachel Sonnentag Nygren.

Gradybug Designs Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #2867 McKenna Pendergrass.

Gussied Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #85365 Whitnie Thompson.

Gussy Sews tote bags, zipped pouches + accessories - Value $100
Entry #14679 Trina Alexander.

Haff It Your Way Shop Credit Value $100
Entry #10041 Kelli DeCora.

Handmade by Amanda Collection of camera straps & headbands - Value $100
Entry #36001 Christine McAhren.

Happy Acres Farm Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #106625 jessica Burks.

His Life Magazine Package includes 1 Full page in His Life Magazine, 10 Cover photo entries to be used at once or spread through the year and 1 Year listing as a His Life Model - Value $220
Entry #47016 Amanda Olson Laurette.

I <3 Crochet Fringe Blanket/matching hats/diaper covers/leg warmers - Value $100
Entry #54363 Shana Swindle.

I Shoot - 6 mo. ad sub to I Shoot Blog & an I Shoot RAW bag tag - Value $130
Entry #30116 Stephanie Stafford.

Imag-inations Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #23864 Kristin Webster.

In the Pink Boutique - 2 Crystal Candlesticks - Value $100
Entry #52966 Lexie Tifft.

Indie Darling Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #55610 Viola Payne.

Invite Cottage Virtual Giftcard - Value $100
Entry #106785 Jes Wolfe.

Jennaration Yarns Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #92407 Linsey Hathaway.

Joco Couture Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #32703 Courtney Driver.

JuJuBee's&Co Clark Kent fedora, glasses, Superman cape - Value $100
Entry #108333 Brandi Selvage.

Just Add Baby Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #65801 Erika Nightingale.

Kiddo Designs Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #507 Amber Robinson.

Kiwi and Kiki Rainbow Set of bow ties for every color of the rainbow - Value $100
Entry #67919 Amanda Woods.

Knitz - Two handknit hats and two headbands - Value $100
Entry #93307 Jac And Kezz.

Lala's Cookie Jar - Four Dozen Adorable Cookies - Value $100
Entry #98018 Nicole Christianson.

Laynie and Belle Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #32837 Tanya Lawson Phillips.

Learn Shoot Inspire - 15 month subscription to Learn Shoot Inspire forum - Value $125
Entry #76473 Cathie Berrey Green.

Leighton Heritage Shop Credit - Value $125
Entry #76106 Haley Willingham.

Lemon Paperie Shop Credit Value $100
Entry #88947 Amy Maurer.

Lifestyle by The Duchess - 2 Home Decor Accessories, Himalayan Bath Salts & Matches Value $100
Entry #94753 Angela

Lil' Giggles Couture Assorted Headband Package - Value $100
Entry #370 Taryn Southern.

Little Keira's Bows - 3 headbands, 2 beanies & 2 stretch lace wraps - Value $100
Entry #104692 Mallory Orton.

Little Knit Knacks Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #109544 Rachel Hull.

Little Love's Designs Photo Prop Package - Value $100
Entry #70068 Amy Dillingham. Virtual Gift Card - Value $100
Entry #23217 Laurie

Lola Wraps Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #20294 Aleena Hernandez.

LouAnn's Bitty Bootique Holiday Outfit Club (8 outfits) - Value $300
Entry #20405 Sara Grimmett Rainsdon.

LovebyCC Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #19529 Hope Johnson.

Loves Hair Pretties Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #28755 Shannon Barnes.

Memora'belle Photography & Custom Design Custom Designed Logo - Value $200
Entry #956 Melissa Danielle Cleary.

Miss Lene's Photography Props Complete Prop Collection - Value $107
Entry #96634 Kayla Bielaga.

Modern Posh Virtual Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #90773 Shay White.

Monsters and Me Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #55170 Crystal Ogilvie.

My Belle Boutique Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #45103 Cat Ford Coates.

My New Love Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #38251 Kristin Taylor.

My Sweet Potato 3 - 6 hats ranging in size newborn to 12 months - Value $150
Entry #18567 Sonia Santos Bear.

Mya Bruce Designs - 2 custom designed personalized necklaces Value $100
Entry #94256 Heather Watson.

Newbie Noggins Complete Photo Prop Set - Value $124
Entry #30517 Jamie Jacobs Miller.

On the Spot Studio Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #59546 Brian Allison.

Origami Owl Large Custom Made Crystal Locket with Charms - Value $100
Entry #60924 Lindsay Teague Moreno.

Paper and Polka Dots Virtual Gift Card - Value $100
Entry #98313 Brittany Henry Anderson.

Patty Cakes Boutique 4 Sporty Snuggle Sacks - Value $154
Entry #16205 Erica

Paturici Pentru Pitici - 3 Hat/Bonnet & Leggings Sets & 2 Headbands - Value $110
Entry #52437 Trista Goode Jarrard.

PD Studios 1/13 Gift Certificate - Value $125
Entry #21865 Rachael Whitehead Cook.

Pea Pod Paper & Gifts Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #108098 Kaley Jones.

Perfectly Sweet Creations Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #46453 Betty Dignam Spitzberg.

Petite Peanut Boutique Neckties, tutus, suspenders, bow ties - Value $100
Entry #64854 Lauren Leboyteaux.

Pokadotimagination Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #9845 Teri Wright Salvino.

Poppy Tree Frames Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #103773 Lindsey Frye.

Posey Pillow 1 Studio size Posey pillow & 1 set of 5 Posey Positioners - Value $160
Entry #23450 Whit Pilcher

Prairie Sweet Boutique Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #43267 Valerie Harston.

Print the Party Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #2644 Barbara Rhoades.

Prop Me Up Prop Shop Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #64263 Julie Kleint.

Purl Lamb Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #61837 Whitney Sheets.

Rachel Hale Puppy Love Comforter & Pillow Set - Value $120
Entry #34916 Samantha Jo Thornburg.

Rain Drops Photography Props Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #2436 Dani Fettinger.

Room to Grow Mixture of 10 ties and bow ties - Value $120
Entry #44065 MyLife PhotoStudio.

Rumour Has It Baby Hat Collection - Value $104
Entry #97682 Whitney McKinnon Hopes.

Sassy Designs Inc Gift Certificate - Value $300
Entry #26724 Jessica Henry.

So Posh Creations Reversible Baby Blanket & Bonnet Hat - Value $100
Entry #105531 Faith Branson.

Soul Blossom Boutique Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #21630 Lindsay Hubbard Burnette.

Splash Designs Virtual Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #75730 Heather MCComas.

Splash of Color by Moonlight Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #3400 Charlotte Jones.

Starlit Nest Gifts & Photo Props - 5 Holiday Themed Banners - Value $115
Entry #100825 LouAnn Ada Alexander.

Stellar Stitches Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #17468 Alica Herbert.

Studio412 Boutique Fluff Stuffer basket filler & Hat - Value $100
Entry #33552 Tiffany Penn.

Sugar Lime Designs Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #49430 Debralea Lee.

Sugarflies Designs - 4 packs of Photography Templates - Value $100
Entry #77788 Rebel Wylie.

Summer Inspirations Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #72033 Kayla Nicole Cook.

Tashi & Cataleya Headbands, flower clips & barefoot sandals - Value $100
Entry #36313 Melinda Syrda Gombert.

Tayuh Tate Organics - 4 newborn hats of winners' choice Value $120
Entry #72978 Kylie Beardslee.

The Couture Baby Wing Set & $50 Gift Card - Value $100
Entry #16937 Mari

The Crochet Barn Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #75994 Cristal Haggard Malek.

The Little Knit Lovey Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #28757 dusty Lynn.

The Purple Chameleon Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #1095 Mandy Gary Clark.

The Savvy Socialista Custom Facebook Timeline Cover Image - Value $125
Entry #91694 Aimee Conquest Smith.

The Shoppe Designs Newborn Editing Kit & $50 Gift Card - Value $135
Entry #69169 Beth Berryhill.

Three Designing Women Stamper Gift Set that includes a Personalized Stamp Certificate & more - Value $100
Entry #58629 Katie Rojas.

Two Crafty Mamas Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #38087 Lael Nafziger.

WHP Designs Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #83492 Heather

What's Knot to Love Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #105303 Amber Wheeler.

Wildly Sweet Designs Shop Credit - Value $100
Entry #100013 Amy Ester.

Zin Frames Gift Certificate - Value $100
Entry #102721 Detra Braymen.
I'll be emailing the vendors and the lucky winners throughout the day to make sure everyone connects with their vendor to collect their prizes (please DO NOT email your vendor until after you've received my email).  Thank you SO MUCH to all of our generous vendors AND to all of you who took the time to follow all of the steps to enter, I know it wasn't easy but with such a huge giveaway and so many chances to win, it was so worth it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Would You Like $50?

Congratulations to Lisa D., our winner of the $50 gift certificate!  Thanks to all who participated, we'll be doing another giveaway later this month :)

All you have to do to enter is follow the 2 steps using the Rafflecopter widget below and you'll be entered!  A winner will be picked Monday, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meet Our Featured Sponsor: Melissa Davis Designs

We're so excited to introduce our current Featured Sponsor, Melissa Davis Designs!   Melissa is so incredibly talented and has the cutest site, I got lost in there literally for HOURS looking through everything!  Wanna meet Melissa?  Here you go.....

Please introduce yourself:  Hi!  I'm Melissa of Melissa Davis Designs and you can find me at, and  ❤

When did you launch your store?  What inspired you to start?  Being a photographer myself, I wanted a way for my own clients to see their images in a wall arrangement, so I made my very first set of templates. After some buzz from other photographers about me selling my Wall Display Set, I launched my online store early in 2009 after selling a small amount of templates on my blog. After spending an entire week and nearly 80 hours on my NEW site, in tears, I deleted it ALL because I had no idea what I was doing LOL! My step brother came to my rescue with his knowledge of HTML and did what I had been trying to do for a week, in just one evening! The rest is history! I have loved so much to be able to do what I love and get to communicate with so many wonderful customers all over the world. I now have over 230 template sets in my shop and plan to add more and more!

Which one of your products is your personal favorite?  (Is there a reason for this?)  Oh goodness, I have so many favorites! Sassy Sisters is one of my favorites! I also LOVE my Danny's Bride sets, which shows that I LOVE chevron and flowers :)

What are two products that have consistently been good sellers for you?  My Wall Display templates and Collage/Storyboard packs are my #1 sellers!

Tell us a little more about yourself and what makes you who you are....
  I am married to (we can say) my high school sweet heart! We met on a blind date when we were 17 years old and have been together ever since! We have two amazingly gorgeous kids who fight like cats and dogs and live in Utah!  Besides design and photography, I love to keep up on our family blog and make blurb books! My kids love them and we read them together at night. I love watching my favorite shows on Hulu Plus (New Girl, Once upon a time, Master Chef, and How I met your name a few) and can watch the same movie over and over and over. I love music and concerts. I like little projects, sewing when the mood hits me, sunsets, Park City, Lake Powell and cats. I love date night and girls nights, trips to IKEA and Target. I love Pinterest and Facebook a little too much. I love keeping in touch with old and new friends. I love birthdays and Christmas and I love the color blue. I love my little family and am grateful that I am able to stay home with my kids because I work from home! I also like to use explanation marks, really, it's a sickness!!

Aren't they an adorable family!  And Melissa is so sweet, she is offering all of our readers $10 off ANY order!  You can visit her at and use coupon code BPP10 (and you can use this code as many times as you'd like!)  So hop on over and show Melissa some love and tell her Beautiful Photo Props sent ya ❤


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Huesday

One of my favorite color combos is mint and coral.  This combo really reminds me of the beach….particularly of a cute little shop that used to sit on the seawall in Galveston.  We would go to the beach each year and always made sure we stopped in this little shop to grab some souvenirs.  My favorite find was a windchime made of mint and coral seashells.  Sadly, Galveston was hit by a hurricane a few years ago and my little shop is no longer there but I will always have the memories and my mint and coral seashell windchime!   Here are some of my current favorites inspired by mint and coral:

Love this iPhone case, definitely going on my Christmas list!

I'm a purse junkie and this coral bag is ah-mazing (and looks great with the mint pants too!)

This nursery is adorable in mint and coral…..

The colors in this photo are SOOO vintage and I love the sunflare!

Weddings like the one shown here are the perfect way to use mint and coral!

I adore these party decorations!  Especially the different fans on the wall ❤

LOVE this!  I want this hanging on my craft room wall….

What color combos are your faves?  What colors influence you in photos, decorating and fashion?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beautiful Photo Props Announces New Affiliate Program for Newborn Photography Props!

Did you know you can make money promoting Beautiful Photo Props? We have a comprehensive affiliate program where you can earn 10% of each sale you generate through a special link created only for you. If your links generate $100 in sales you earn $10....$1,000 in sales, you earn $100!

Please read about our program HERE, sign up and start promoting Beautiful Photo Props and start earning today!
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