Friday, September 7, 2012

Meet Our Featured Sponsor: Melissa Davis Designs

We're so excited to introduce our current Featured Sponsor, Melissa Davis Designs!   Melissa is so incredibly talented and has the cutest site, I got lost in there literally for HOURS looking through everything!  Wanna meet Melissa?  Here you go.....

Please introduce yourself:  Hi!  I'm Melissa of Melissa Davis Designs and you can find me at, and  ❤

When did you launch your store?  What inspired you to start?  Being a photographer myself, I wanted a way for my own clients to see their images in a wall arrangement, so I made my very first set of templates. After some buzz from other photographers about me selling my Wall Display Set, I launched my online store early in 2009 after selling a small amount of templates on my blog. After spending an entire week and nearly 80 hours on my NEW site, in tears, I deleted it ALL because I had no idea what I was doing LOL! My step brother came to my rescue with his knowledge of HTML and did what I had been trying to do for a week, in just one evening! The rest is history! I have loved so much to be able to do what I love and get to communicate with so many wonderful customers all over the world. I now have over 230 template sets in my shop and plan to add more and more!

Which one of your products is your personal favorite?  (Is there a reason for this?)  Oh goodness, I have so many favorites! Sassy Sisters is one of my favorites! I also LOVE my Danny's Bride sets, which shows that I LOVE chevron and flowers :)

What are two products that have consistently been good sellers for you?  My Wall Display templates and Collage/Storyboard packs are my #1 sellers!

Tell us a little more about yourself and what makes you who you are....
  I am married to (we can say) my high school sweet heart! We met on a blind date when we were 17 years old and have been together ever since! We have two amazingly gorgeous kids who fight like cats and dogs and live in Utah!  Besides design and photography, I love to keep up on our family blog and make blurb books! My kids love them and we read them together at night. I love watching my favorite shows on Hulu Plus (New Girl, Once upon a time, Master Chef, and How I met your name a few) and can watch the same movie over and over and over. I love music and concerts. I like little projects, sewing when the mood hits me, sunsets, Park City, Lake Powell and cats. I love date night and girls nights, trips to IKEA and Target. I love Pinterest and Facebook a little too much. I love keeping in touch with old and new friends. I love birthdays and Christmas and I love the color blue. I love my little family and am grateful that I am able to stay home with my kids because I work from home! I also like to use explanation marks, really, it's a sickness!!

Aren't they an adorable family!  And Melissa is so sweet, she is offering all of our readers $10 off ANY order!  You can visit her at and use coupon code BPP10 (and you can use this code as many times as you'd like!)  So hop on over and show Melissa some love and tell her Beautiful Photo Props sent ya ❤


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