Sunday, April 28, 2013

Been A Photographer Since My Youth....

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I am a passionate person, and I am passionate about photography. I have been ever since I got my first SLR as a child – my father bought it for me I think for a sixth grade graduation, really just an excuse to share a gift with a son. He knew I was into photography then, and I’m truly thankful that he supported me at the time instead of pushing me to become an accountant like he is or a lawyer like my mom is. He would encourage me to take family photos, and I started to get really creative with them, and thank goodness, they are some of the best documentation of my childhood! As an adult and a professional photographer, I care about my equipment and about how my shoots turn out. I always use proper photography lighting and set up shots based on the best available angles in any given situation. I employ a photography backdrop when needed, and I always make sure that the lighting is not only full and good but also creative in some way. I have an eye for it that I’ve developed simply from doing it for so many years. You can’t necessarily learn that type of eye in school. Teachers can help you of course, but trial and error and pushing the limits is truly the best way to do it. And that isn’t something that you can read in a book or just learn over night. I tell people who ask me about getting into photography to just go ahead and do it, you’ll never know until you try. And if you have an eye for it, you’ll soon figure that out. I also tell them that there’s a great site,, that has all the equipment they’ll likely need, even if they’re just a beginner.


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